Zen Zion Coptic Orthodox Church
(of Reformed Rastafarianism)

Rasta Without the Dreds

a.k.a. Merry Wonderers


This isn't really a 'correction' but an alteration. On Groundhog day, 2005, the ZZCO adopted the Ethiopian numbering of the calendar over the Egyptian to be more in tune with our other Rasta brethren.

Ok, so I (writch) can't spell in Hebrew. A wonderful Jewish deadhead has corrected my spelling of qhaneh-bosm (below).


I should also mention that not all browsers present Unicode in the same fashion. The text above should resemble the graphic below.

I also should note that original trifolds listed Timothy as the author of the letter to Timothy. I should have caught that. That has been corrected to properly reflect the true author, Paul (writing to Timothy).

I just fixed that same error on the qaneh.html page (3.2.05)

I didn't read the article about Axum quite correctly. The Ark is near St. Mary's, not in it.

Today, August 23, 2007 re-worked the counter for the millennium statement on the front page (it was actually counting down the days of tribulation, not down to the new millennium).


None yet.